Defining depression as a mood disorder that causes general loss of interest in life, characterized by a feeling of unhappiness that does not go away, Psychiatrist Dr. Ozcan Kilic.O. Head made the following statements:

“In the emergence of depression, rather than a single known factor, there is a combination of various factors in individuals who are predisposed to this condition. Depression is also a genetic disorder. The presence of people with depression among other family members increases the risk of this situation in other family members. Apart from genetic factors, changes in the levels of biochemical messengers called neurotransmitters in the brain, hormonal changes and seasonal factors may also play a role in the development of depression. At the same time, depression can be triggered due to traumatic events that occur in life. Loss of family members, lack of social support, financial problems, relationship problems, and various other stressors can also trigger depression.”


Stating that depression can occur at any age, Kafalı said, “Depression is a disorder that can last for a long period of time. It is an important finding that the resulting psychiatric and physical symptoms persist for at least 2 weeks due to depression. However, depression may not be limited to this period, and there are cases where depression persists for months and years in some individuals. Symptoms that may occur with the development of depression, in addition to a sad mood, are loss of libido, appetite changes, involuntary weight loss or gain, sleep disturbance, irritability, restlessness, slowing down in speaking and moving, feeling worthless or guilty, difficulty concentrating or suicidal ideation. can be exemplified as various complaints such as Depression is twice as common in women as in men.


“Depression can reach a life-threatening dimension by triggering serious health problems if it is not treated” and gave the following information about treatment methods:

“With today’s treatment approaches and lifestyle changes, depression is more easily controlled. By using psychotherapy techniques such as drug therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy together, symptoms associated with depression can be relieved. Within the scope of drug treatment, antidepressant derivative agents are used to control the level of biochemical messengers in the brain. In cognitive-behavioral therapy applications, it is aimed to change the individual’s approach to himself, the world and the future by making him aware of his wrong thought pattern.

Head added that in addition to all treatment interventions, patients should not neglect lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly, ensuring sleep patterns and a balanced diet.

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