How to understand fresh fish?

It is imperative that we keep fish, which has such an important effect on our health, at least 2 times a week on our table. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Aybala Akkülah, who says “The most important point you should pay attention to in order to get the maximum benefit from fish is that it should be fresh” explains the characteristics of fresh fish as follows:

The fish must have bright eyes, red-pink gills, and taut skin. It should not smell and the flakes should not fall off immediately when you rub your hands. Also, when you press on it, the surface should not collapse.
Aybala Akkülah stated that the scales and inside of fresh fish can be stored in a suitable container for 1-2 days in the refrigerator for more than 3-6 months in a suitable container, and for more than 3-6 months in the deep freezer. “It can also prevent food poisoning due to spoilage,” he says.

1- Do not fry in oil, leave it slightly juicy

In the frying method we prefer, especially in small fish, protein content decreases as a result of the deterioration of their structure due to exposure to high temperature. Since it absorbs half of its weight, the amount of calories increases. Choose healthier techniques such as grilling, baking or steaming so that the nutritional value of the fish does not decrease. Take care to cook the fish without overcooking, keeping it slightly juicy.

2- Don’t throw your bones

It is beneficial to consume small fish such as anchovy and horse mackerel with bones to increase their positive effects on health. The high content of calcium and phosphate in the fishbone helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, especially by protecting bone health. It is also good for joint pain.

3- Squeeze plenty of lemon on it

Vitamin C is the least common vitamin in fish. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Aybala Akkülah stated that therefore we should consume fish with plenty of lemon and said, “Omega-3 is an important fatty acid that is not produced in our body to protect cardiovascular health and increase body resistance. “The vitamin C and antioxidants found in lemons increase the use of omega-3 in the body,” he says. By squeezing lemon on your salads and fish, you can increase both its flavor and its positive effects on health.

4- Onions and garlic are a must!

Antioxidants such as quercetin found in the ingredients of onion and garlic, which are indispensable for fish, contribute to a stronger immune system. In clinical studies, it has been shown that the omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish can reduce insulin resistance by lowering blood pressure and the levels of fats in the blood. Especially if you have high blood sugar levels, you can get a more balanced blood sugar level with the onion you will consume with fish.

5- Not without green salad

Never neglect the green salad that goes well with the fish. You can increase the amount of vitamin C with green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, belly and parsley and lemon you squeeze on it, thus increasing the absorption of omega-3 found in fish.

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