A 47-year-old female patient in Batman was treated with the complaint of severe abdominal pain at the Training and Research Hospital Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic. The woman, who had the necessary examinations and tests in the hospital, was found to have a large mass and was operated.

Explaining that they were very sensitive and careful in the surgery to remove the mass that was found to be malignant, Oncologist Dr. Yusuf Çakmak said, “A giant cystic mass was detected in the abdomen of our patient. The patient, who was examined and examined, was immediately prepared for surgery. The patient was operated under general anesthesia.

The mass, weighing approximately 5 kg, was successfully removed from the patient’s abdomen by surgery. The mass that was removed was examined in the Pathology Department of Batman Training and Research Hospital. Pathology Specialist Dr. As a result of the pathological examination performed by Yazgı Köy, the mass was determined to be a malignant tumor. We are happy to successfully receive this huge mass from our patients, “he said.

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