Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Can Tumba gave information about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It starts in early childhood…

Noting that autism spectrum disorders are a clinical diagnosis group included in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr. Can Tumba said, “Its symptoms begin in early childhood, and it is a disorder with distinct social and communicative disabilities and limited, repetitive behaviors and interests.

Noting that the increase in the frequency of diagnosing autism in the recent period has increased the need for investigation of risk factors, Dr. Can Tumba said that there are two major risk factor groups, mainly genetic and environmental risk factors.

Psychiatrist Can Tumba, who noted that familial predisposition was found to be among the risk factors for autism, said, “Similarly, chromosomal disorders and variations in genes that play a role in some specific functions of the cell have been reported to be associated with autism. Recently, studies enlightening the genetic causes of autism are progressing rapidly. “The role of genes in autism is thought to be better when the effects of proteins in the brain and different cell types are more clearly enlightened,” he said.

Advanced paternal age, an important risk factor

Noting that advanced father’s age is one of the important risk factors in autism, Dr. Can Tumba said the following:
“Considering the environmental risk factors; The most emphasized topics so far are the advanced father’s age, mother’s infections during pregnancy, air pollution, exposure to pesticides, nutrition, and vitamin D deficiency. Among all the studies conducted, the most consistent data were obtained regarding the advanced father’s age. Infections and birth complications during pregnancy have also been shown to be associated with autism. According to researches, vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and early childhood is among the causes of autism. ”

Vaccines don’t cause autism

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Reminding the allegations that there is a relationship between vaccines and autism, Can Tumba said:

“An important point here is the relationship between vaccines and autism. It can be said very clearly about this situation, which has been mentioned in many places and is the subject of different speculations, that vaccines do not cause autism. Relationships with genetic predisposition and environmental influences also play an important role in the development of autism. Despite all these risk factors listed above, autism is still a neurodevelopmental disorder whose cause is not fully understood and awaits clarification at many points.

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