Prof. Dr. In a statement he made to the AA correspondent on May 17, World Hypertension Day, Üstündağ stated that hypertension disease, which occurs due to excessive salt consumption, is one of the most important causes of deaths all over the world.

Stating that high blood pressure causes the death of 10 million people in a year in the world, Üstündağ said, “25% of deaths in Turkey are caused by hypertension and related diseases. In other words, excessive consumption of salt emerges as a factor that increases deaths by causing hypertension.” he spoke.

Üstündağ stated that the incidence of hypertension in adult individuals in Turkey is 30 percent, the rate increases as the age range gets older, and that the majority of individuals over the age of 50 suffer from hypertension.

Stating that the awareness of hypertension is 50 percent in studies conducted in Turkey, Üstündağ said, “Half of our people are aware that they have hypertension. The rate of those who realize this and receive treatment is very low. Our success in controlling blood pressure was also very low. In 2003, it was around 9 percent, in the following years. It has reached 30 percent, but these rates are very low. We must definitely reduce salt. We should also pay more attention to the fight against diabetes, overweight and smoking. ” he spoke.

Stating that Kovid-19 is seen to be more severe in patients with hypertension, Üstündağ said, “There is no direct link to the coronavirus in hypertension patients, but Kovid-19 can progress with more severe symptoms and develop more negative consequences in patients with chronic disease. times more. ” he spoke.

Üstündağ noted that the biggest expectation from citizens in the fight against hypertension is to reduce salt use.

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