Sebahattin H., who came to Kanuni Training and Research Hospital last week in the city for the complaint of swelling and gas in his abdomen, was taken for treatment. After the tests performed in the General Surgery Policlinic, a mass was detected in the patient’s abdomen, and he was operated on. With the successful surgery, a tumor weighing 21 kg was removed from the right part of the patient’s abdomen. It was stated that Sebahattin H., who was kept under surveillance in the intensive care unit after the operation and was taken to the service, was in good general health.


Op. Dr. İsmet Çelik announced that the health of the patient was good with his post on his social media account. Congratulating his team in his sharing, Çelik said, “As a result of the examinations performed in our patient who applied to us with the complaint of abdominal swelling and gas, a giant tumor was observed, including the main vessels and ureter, which completely filled the right abdominal area of ​​40×45 cm.

After the necessary preparations were made, we performed the surgery today. The tumor removed measured 21 kg. Our patient was taken to the intensive care unit for post-op close follow-up. The team was amazing in this difficult surgery. “Your hands, your arms, your heart,” he said.

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