Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Mustafa Kısa gave information about fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal disease that develops due to stress and mental state. Exp. Dr. In short, “Fibromyalgia is a disease that manifests itself with many complaints as well as long-term widespread muscle pain, morning fatigue and stiffness caused by non-resting sleep. It is also referred to as soft tissue rheumatism, as the basic symptoms are related to muscle and other soft tissues. “It is one of the most important reasons for loss of power. It is more common in women between the ages of 30-50 who are meticulous, perfectionist, who do not like their profession, who work in intensive and stressful jobs. It is 10 times more common in women than in men.”

Stating that there are many complaints and complaints such as ‘I have no place for pain’, ‘I wake up like a beating’, ‘There is no cure and strength in my arms and legs’, ‘I cannot do anything’, ‘I have such severe pain but nobody believes me’, Dr. The short spoke as follows:

“Widespread pain along with morning fatigue, swelling, numbness and tingling in hands and arms, persistent headaches like migraine, palpitations, abdominal pain and inflammatory bowel syndrome manifested by changes in bowel habits, frequent urination and burning for no reason, painful menstruation, concentration disorders, Complaints such as excessive sweating are common.The most important symptom of the disease is the pain in the right and left, upper and lower half of the body and the spine. Being diagnosed late, relatives not believing in the disease and not being able to find someone to share their troubles and troubles with is another problem. “


Explaining that there is no laboratory and imaging method specific to fibromyalgia, Dr. Brief, “In fact, exclusion of other diseases that cause similar complaints is an important detail in the diagnosis. For long-accepted diagnostic criteria, widespread pain that accompanied sensitivity in 11 of 18 tender points in different parts of the body and lasting longer than 3 months was sufficient for diagnosis. Education of the patients and their relatives is the cornerstone of the treatment It is important to have the patient and their relatives accept the reality of the disease is important in solving the trust problem in the patient. It is a disease that does not cause permanent disability and does not threaten life. It requires a lot of patience for both the patient and the physician as it is a chronic disease.It is aimed to eliminate the complaints, to increase the functional level and to increase the quality of life.Clinical evidence, some drugs, physical therapy agents, cognitive behavioral therapies, exercise and sports activities. has shown that it can be effective. He said that painkillers, anti-rheumatic drugs and muscle relaxants that are used alone and frequently are both useless and cause quite a lot of side effects because they are used frequently.

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