ERU Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacology Faculty Member and Good Clinical Practice and Research Center (İKUM) Deputy Director Dr. Expressing that the cases decreased during the closure period, Ahmet İnal said, “We saw the positive effect.

We think we will continue to see these effects. The effects of full closure should last for 1 more week. If we are not careful in this process, our cases may start to increase again. That’s why we need to follow all the rules, especially the mask, distance and hygiene rules. When we follow these rules, we will see the positive course of the cases. If we do not pay attention to this, the restriction will come again. Summer term is also coming. The restriction is sure to annoy people. When we pay attention to these rules, we do not think that the restriction will come,” he said.

Dr. Noting that home visits are the biggest factor increasing the transmission, İnal said, “Unfortunately, the biggest problem is home visits. We can see that the cases are increasing in this process. The more home visits, the more cases are likely to increase. Especially when we look at the number of cases of 100 thousand, in some provinces. We see that this number is high.

Kayseri is one of them. We need to pay attention to these rules, including in our city. Home visits should be postponed. When we look at the countries that have reset this virus in the world, there are two methods. One can reset the cases, by following the rules; The second is the vaccine. Currently, our vaccination rate continues. We will also see our cases drop when most of the population is vaccinated. It is imperative that we abide by these rules during the vaccination period,” he said.

Dr. Stating that the filiation teams should be helped, İnal said, “The cases are falling, but the important thing is to ensure that it does not increase again. Our filiation teams quarantine the same household after the diagnosis of Covid-19. After the quarantine, these people should be prevented from leaving the house. It is imperative that people comply with this. We are around us. “We see that people who are quarantined go out. There are even those who travel between cities, which can be caught with the HES code. People should know that the person you infected with the disease can die.”

Noting that asymptomatic cases continue to be seen in the community, Dr. Inal said:

“There are still around 10 percent of asymptomatic cases in the community. We are also talking to our friends in the laboratory, about 10 percent,” they report to us. These are cases that do not report any symptoms at all.

For example; Covid-19 test is taken before he comes to the hospital for surgery. You only test the patient who came for another purpose and you see this positivity. We also see 10 percent positivity when we test in our clinical studies and our volunteers who come here. In that positivity, people need to know that they are contagious. If people do not realize that they are contagious when they are positive, we cannot prevent the spread of the disease this time.”

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