While the prevalence of obesity in the world varies according to continents, approximately one out of every 3 people in our country suffers from overweight and obesity. Stating that the patient’s motivation comes first in the fight against obesity, Prof. Dr. Erol Bolu gave information about the precautions to be taken against obesity before “March 4, World Obesity Day”.

True epidemic obesity

It is not right to approach every overweight person as an obesity patient. The most valid criterion in this regard is body mass index. People with a body mass index over 25 are considered overweight, those over 30 are considered obese, and those over 40 are considered morbidly obese.

Obesity, especially insulin resistance and diabetes; It affects almost all of the body’s mechanisms, including high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, fatty liver, stroke, dementia, orthopedic problems and cancer. When the accompanying diseases are included in this picture, almost 80% of the world is affected by obesity and obesity-related diseases. Obesity, which is defined as a chronic disease, should be accepted as an epidemic disease affecting the whole world. Obesity and statistical data obtained from studies conducted in recent years about almost every 3 reveals that obese people than the one in Turkey. While this rate progresses at much lower levels in Far Eastern countries, the picture is worse in North American countries.

Is the only living person trying to lose weight

There is no other living creature in the world trying to lose weight other than humans. Considering the changing living conditions, the causes of obesity emerge. Besides genetic factors; ready-to-eat foods, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, sedentary life are among the factors that lead to obesity. The calorie imbalance, fast food habits, the unnatural nature of the foods consumed, and the early introduction of unhealthy foods make obesity a global problem.

City planning should be shaped according to obesity

In the fight against obesity, the seriousness of the problem should be explained not only to overweight individuals but also to the society as a whole. It is important to introduce radical measures into life as well as personal precautions. In addition to personal precautions such as walking short distances instead of using vehicles, using stairs instead of elevators, city planning can be shaped according to the increasing obesity in the society. In public transport systems such as metro and bus, people can be guided to walk by keeping the distance between stops farther than existing, or physical activity can be increased by making various arrangements in shuttle transportation. In addition, it is important that areas that will allow people to do sports in the open air are included in urban planning.

Be a role model for your children

Changes should be implemented in the food sector in the name of healthy nutrition. The society should be fully enlightened about the foods that are effective in addiction level. It is important to keep the canteens in schools where children spend most of their day under control. Sports activities should be added more into education life. In addition to all these, from nutrition to sports, parents should perform activities together as possible as role models for their children. The project of saving children from obesity and providing a healthy life is actually a project of saving adults.

Do not rush to lose weight

One of the mistakes made in the fight against obesity is the desire to lose weight very quickly. It should not be forgotten that the weight lost in a very short time can be recovered in a very short time. In addition, it is possible for obesity patients to encounter different problems during rapid weight loss. Adding only 8 calories per day, that is, a biscuit, to the diet causes 10 kilos to be gained in 30 years. On the contrary, reducing 8 calories from the daily diet will result in 10 kilograms loss. Studies show that if obesity patients lose 5-7% weight, their metabolic systems improve, and when more than 15% weight is lost, the negative effects of moderate Type 2 diabetes return.

Intention first, then diet

In the fight against obesity, motivation of the patient should be provided first. Any method to be applied, including surgery, is not successful in a patient who does not accept his / her obligations regarding his health.

10 important suggestions to combat obesity

1. Eat very slowly and do not get up before 20 minutes from the table.
2. Chew solid foods at least 20 times and liquid foods such as soups and yoghurt at least 10 times.
3. Leave a third of what you put on your plate. Do not eat 1 out of three meatballs.
4. Get up from the table without being full.
5. Take a ten-minute leisurely walk in the first hour after each meal. Be careful not to lie down after meals.
6. Avoid sweet, fatty and ready-made foods.
7. Know that your weight control will be permanent by changing your long-term eating habits and eating techniques positively.
8. Walk for 1 hour every day, starting slowly.
9. Make a 5-year contract with yourself to change your lifestyle and don’t give up.
10. Make prevention from obesity a way of life.

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