Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Lütfiye Iron, found in the assessment of cancer in Turkey due April 1 to 7 Cancer Week.

Stating that the data on cancer, which is expressed as the “plague of the age” and the mortality rates caused by cancer, are increasing day by day, Demir noted that if the person does not have hereditary cancer predisposition, the rate of new cancer development can be reduced by 40 percent by quitting factors such as smoking, alcohol, malnutrition.

Stating that cancer is the most common cause of death after heart diseases in the world, Demir said, “World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 statistics show that 1 out of every 5 people in the world have cancer during their lifetime, 1 in 8 men and 1 in 11 women cancers. reveals that he lost his life because of it. ” gave the information.

Demir stated that lung, breast, colon and prostate cancers can be detected early with screening.

scary situation in Turkey

Iron, on the number of loss-related cancer due to life with the latest data on Turkey, “75 years in Turkey has developed cancer in six out of every 4 people 1’n. In 2020 our country annual new cancer cases and the number of 233 thousand 834, while the number of loss associated with cancer living 126 When the cancer cases in our country are examined, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and thyroid cancer stand out as the top 5 cancers.Unfortunately, the cancer development rate in individuals under the age of 75 has been reported as 23.3 percent. . ” used the expressions.

It is possible to reduce the risk by avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Demir stated that if the individual does not have a hereditary cancer predisposition, the rate of new cancer development can be reduced by 40-50 percent by controlling factors such as smoking, alcohol, asbestos exposure, stress, and insulin resistance due to malnutrition.

Demir noted:

“Cigarette and tobacco consumption is the most common factor known all over the world. Lung, head and neck cancers, bladder cancers, kidney cancers, esophagus cancers, cervical cancers, in fact, it is a carcinogen that has an important effect on many cancers. In addition, heavy alcohol consumption is also very common. It is one of the important factors of a large number of cancers.

We may not be able to control our inheritance, but at least we can significantly reduce our risk of developing cancer by eliminating smoking and alcohol from our lives. In addition, healthy nutrition, weight control, exercise, protection from stress and protecting our general health are also important factors in reducing our cancer risk. “

Cancers that can be diagnosed by screening

Demir stated that lung, breast, prostate and large intestine cancers are cancers that are screened with screening methods that can create an opportunity for early diagnosis, and that low-dose lung tomography is important for early diagnosis of lung cancer, especially after the age of 50 for individuals who smoke heavily.

Demir said, “For women to have mammography once a year after the age of 40, it is important for early diagnosis of breast cancer. For early diagnosis of colon cancer, colonoscopy screening should be done in individuals after the age of 50. For the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, men should have a PSA level between the ages of 45-50. people with genetic predisposition should definitely have screening tests. ” warned.

Assoc. Dr. He also noted that cervical cancers, which are frequently seen in women between the ages of 20-50, are a type of cancer that can be prevented by early diagnosis and that they recommend routine screening.

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