The feeling of loneliness, which increased with the restrictions that became mandatory with the pandemic process, invited mental problems for many people. The number of people who consulted a psychologist for reasons such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety or unhappiness has also increased. The clear data revealed by a giant research in the field of science revealed the results of waking up 1 hour early in the morning to prevent and even get rid of depression.

The genetic study, published last week in JAMA Psychiatry, the medical journal published by the American Medical Association, is a first in its field. Although it is known that sleep times have an effect on mental health, it was revealed after this clear research.

As a result of studies carried out jointly by Harvard University, University of Colorado and MIT Board Institute, after examining the sleep habits of 840,000 adults, the effects of earlier sleep and waking tendencies on basic depressive moods were examined.

prof. Celine Vetter, in her statement on the subject, stated that it is known that sleeping tendencies are related to mood, but with this research, how and how effective sleep durations are understood with clearer results. The results of the stunning study, published in the peer-reviewed medical journal May 27, showed that regular waking up one hour earlier than normal sleep patterns reduced symptoms of depression by 23%. This research constitutes one of the strongest evidence showing that the chronotype, that is, the sleep tendencies of the person, is effective against the danger of depression.

Our priority should be to take our sleep time 1 hour earlier by complying with the results of this research and to apply it regularly for about 1 month. Thus, you can start the day in a healthier and fitter way, while being protected from depressive mood.

By sleeping in a cool and dark environment, you can have a better quality sleep and ensure that your melatonin hormone, which has an important place on the immune system, is secreted effectively. Do not forget that the average daily sleep time is about 8 hours, which also has an effect on brain capacity and forgetfulness.

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